fancy schmancy

things are happening

the last few days have been non-stop, tons of new exciting things are happening thanks to the brooke candy and the sam banks. i'll divulge later, but for now i have to nurse a major hangover from diana's 21st birthday last night.

shoe porn

savage grace, amen

diana and i watched the weirdest fucking movie ever: savage grace. if you are looking to be utterly disturbed this is the film for you. or if you are looking for a eccentrically dressed julianne moore, which is solemnly focused on because she a complete psycho bitch, this is also for you.

sunday kinda..

staying up too late on the weekends pay off come sunday... and tomorrow the new semester begins...

before the storm

diana, myles and i shooting the shit before heading out last night.


so i was messing around with my hair today because it was a total disaster and i came up with a faux pompadour. turned out pretty rad, ifidosaysomyself.

sky is cryin'

quick walk around the block to walgreens and coffee with diana. dreary weather.

the brothers whom?

if you haven't seen the brothers bloom, i really suggest you do, i think it was underrated, most definitely. i fell in love with rachel weisz's new found knack for a comedic role and the soundtrack by nathan johnsons (which i promptly downloaded after.) and the costume and scenic design had a sort of vintage appeal that was very aesthetically pleasing. i particularly like weisz's (eccentric rich kid) and rinko kikucki (chain smoking con chick) outfit's.

photos courtesy of google image search

oh sugar sugar

sugar cookies courtesy of my roommate.

a little rain must fall

reflections on the water.

hats off to the strom

eating is important

my apartment is so close to spotless! and whattya know, i have a packed fridge too... it's a good feeling. today has been the perfect day, thai leftovers and movies.

here is the sound track of my life, for the week of January 17,