auld lange syne

finally, 2010. i hope everyone is gettin' all dolled up for a fun and safe night! and remember, put your troubles away until tomorrow, and if you're lucky someone will break into your house tonight and steal 'em.

bow wow wow

cardigan from my little sister, chanel.

a crest on the hill

dinner with canadian's in hillcrest.

oranges in full bloom at the next door neighbors house.

good old will schwartz and i

the flirtations

a walk around the block, post christmas

some lucky household had a drunken family christmas. way to go.

one of my favorite houses, it's so dreamy, right out of a fairy tale.

and i made friends with the house's kitty cat.

an ode to new years

no good times like the olden days, happy golden days

another christmas down. father did well and got me a brand spankin' new nikon d60! so, whoopdeedoo, here i am. thanks family for being so dear, i love you all.

sister gaby being adorable.

poor jasper got dressed up for christmas thanks to mom.

ollie pup doing quite the cute.

shucks, merry christmas kids

i just got these from a shoot from almost a year ago; a mini photo shoot with my friend cooper moll in my apartment!